Streamline Solutions Launches ELEMENTS v4.1.0: Elevating Automotive CFD Design

19th September 2023:

Streamline Solutions is delighted to announce the release of ELEMENTS 4.1.0, an open-source based CFD software suite for vehicle design applications. This release also includes new versions of the add-on modules ELEMENTS-Adjoint and ELEMENTS-Coupled.


What's New in ELEMENTS 4.1.0:

ELEMENTS continues to revolutionise CFD solutions for vehicle design applications, offering an integrated package that combines a dedicated virtual wind tunnel wizard with a versatile CFD interface. In this latest release, ELEMENTS 4.1.0 introduces a wealth of enhancements, setting new standards in automotive CFD design:

  • Create Charts Functionality: ELEMENTS now offers the ability to create fully customisable XY scatter and Histogram plots as view objects. Users can utilise monitoring functions and .csv files as sources for these plots. Additionally, several tutorials now include Charts for reference.
  • Multi-Display Functionality: multi-display functionality has been introduced to enable users to create and tile multiple displays within the 3D viewport. These displays can also be detached as separate windows, providing a tailored and efficient workflow.
  • Multiple Camera Views: users can now define new camera views for each scene and customise properties, or leverage a view from the viewport to overwrite camera settings in a scene. This feature is particularly useful for viewing a single scene from multiple angles.
  • Customizable Reports: the creation of reports have been refactored in ELEMENTS, enabling users to create custom scenes and customise reports using python scripting.
  • Reference Frames: a dedicated reference frame has been added to the center of the vehicle, utilised for setting up scene cameras when generating reports.

If you are not an ELEMENTS user already, please contact us or email for further information or scheduling a demonstration of the software.


About Streamline Solutions:

Streamline Solutions LLC, a joint venture formed between ENGYS and Auto Research Center, was founded in the USA in early 2012 to serve the vehicle design software market, covering automotive, motorsports, commercial and military applications. The company develops and promotes the software ELEMENTS, a CFD analysis and vehicle design optimisation suite powered by open-source technologies developed by ENGYS. Streamline Solutions combines ENGYS’ leading-edge software development and support, a long and reputable participation in the open-source software business, with ARC’s proven vehicle design expertise and world leading wind tunnel and experimental facilities for validation purposes.

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