Streamline Solutions launches ELEMENTS v1.3.0

6th August 2013:

Streamline Solutions has released ELEMENTS v1.3.0 as part of the planned development and maintenance program for 2013. ELEMENTS is a groundbreaking CAE software suite for vehicle design applications developed and promoted by Streamline Soutions, a joint venture between Engys and the Auto Research Center.

The latest version of ELEMENTS remains focused on CFD for vehicle external aerodynamics, backed up by a comprehensive validation matrix including more than 100 wind tunnel experiments of multiple vehicle shapes and configurations. In addition to several code fixes, a dedicated interface for performing automatic parametric yaw angle CFD studies of trucks have been completed. Similarly, the user has now the ability to run the whole CFD process in batch mode, thus enabling complete remote executions in HPC clusters.

Streamline Solutions' is also working on the development of the forthcoming major release of ELEMENTS v2.0.0, which will feature many more brand new features and enhancements.

Please contact for further information about ELEMENTS costs and availability.

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